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Antonio was born in Portugal where he graduated from Escola Artes Plasticas of Coimbra and Escola De Belas Artes of Lisbon. Since graduating he pursued a career as a professional artist in Europe, where his work was shown in many exhibitions in Spain, Portugal and Germany. Today his paintings form part of private and public collections across Europe. Since arriving in Australia in the late sixties, Antonio’s work has received constant acclaim across the country, winning numerous awards, such as the prestigious “Caran D’Ache” drawing award. Antonio is a Fellow of the Royal Art Society. He is frequently the focus of exhibitions and was a guest artist representing Portugal in the “Euro Art Exhibition”. Tony was a participant in the Archibald Festival and a finalist in the Sulman art prize. . . . more information
COLLECTION - Places, Faces, Feather and Furs......The message of Bela's art is simple and direct, without a profound statement or complex ideology. Rather than attempting to force observations to fit preconceived ideas which arise from failure to observe and actually see the magnificence that surrounds us, his challenge comes in using light to define form and space, and in capturing the essence of a subject through the use of composition, colour, technique and design. . . . more information
Brent Redding is a self-taught full-time contemporary artist based in Napier, New Zealand. He has had three solo exhibitions in Australia and two in New Zealand, as well as numerous inclusions in group shows etc. Brent also works as a muralist and tutor. His works are motivated by a search for pattern and design, and he often suppresses depth in his paintings in order to enhance the two dimensional arrangement. Many interests may appear in, or influence his works: music, poetry, dance, the human condition, and a keen sense of the absurd. He is constantly experimenting and his style remains fluid, but currently aspects of surrealism, futurism, art nouveau, pop-art and other genres appear in his works. . . . more information
This sparky, blue eyed, vivacious Australia (born Yorkshire, England, 1932) is passionately committed to his drawing and painting and has been since he could hold a pencil. Greatly influenced by renowned artists Turner and Constable, Brian says "I felt the scales fall from my eyes as soon as I arrived in Australia and saw the wonderful works of Tom Roberts, Arthur Streeton and Frederie McCubbin". . . . more information
Artist Bruce Griffiths still works by the modem, never paint where you haven’t been and never paint what you cannot feel. Located at the base of the Tallebudgera Valley on the Gold Coast, his sea and country landscapes reflect his real life journeys in Australia. A lifetime of fishing and the bush has instilled a love of the outdoors, which is the preferred subject of his paintings. Through his brush, Bruce reveals the natural beauty of Australia. He is always looking to capture the mood and atmosphere of the sea and his beloved country. A watercolour artist in the traditional style and largely self taught since picking up a brush in 2002. “I was fortunate early to see the use of colour in watercolour in the hands of world renowned Australian artists Robert Wade and Robert Lovett. It simply opened my eyes to what was possible.” . . . more information
Christian is a Semi- Realism artist who has been painting since 1990. His mother is a talented artist and his father a Graphic Designer... Art is in Christian's blood....."My works are completely one off, original and unique. Lose yourself and open your mind to infinite perception". . . . more information
One of Doyle’s great strengths as an artist has been his versatility. The range of subjects which be has mastered is astonishing. He has painted portraits, horses, houses, outback landscapes, rural scenes, ballet dancers, cricketers, soldiers in battle, race meetings, ships at sea and aircraft in flight, and in all of them there is the same high standard of work. He is not known for still-life painting, yet over the years he has painted a number of superb still-life pictures. . . . more information
Don Ramette was born in Boston, Massachusetts, USA and emigrated to Australia in 1970. His paintings in varying degrees combine wit, eroticism, menace and acknowledge a debt to Surrealism. In a new departure the style reflects the Moderne looks of the 1930’s and the majority of the works contain figures, buildings or objects from the 1920’s and 30’s.The paintings consequently possess a sense of the elegant and familiar while the choice and juxtaposition of objects and figures renders them somewhat uncomfortable. It is this discomfort that lies at the heart of Don’s work. The question “What is going on here?” can never be answered, certainly not in words, but it forces an ongoing dialogue with the viewer which drives him even deeper into the emotion of each painting. Don like Surrealism itself works within the Romantic tradition. . . . more information
Frank Hodgkinson was at the forefront of the Abstract Expressionist movement in Australia in the late 1950s and early 1960s. He was the youngest in a family of 3 boys and 1 girl. Frank’s great uncle was the Pre-Raphaelite artist, Sir John Everett Millais; his father, Henry, was a highly skilled sign writer and decorator. Frank and his older brother, Roy, served as war artists during World War II. Frank studied at the Royal Art Society of NSW, with Sydney Long and Datillo Rubbo, while supporting himself producing illustrations for magazines. He left the Royal Art Society when Datillo Rubbo set up a separate Art Society school and continued to work as a freelance illustrator for various newspapers, later becoming full-time press artist prior to the outbreak of WW II. . . . more information
George Callaghan was born in Belfast in 1941 but spent most of his childhood in South Africa. He returned to Ireland in his teens, working as a graphic artist in a Dublin advertising agency. Although Callaghan attended the Belfast College of art from 1961 to 1965, he insists that most of his skills and discipline he has learnt from advertising. He is a strong believer that no one can teach art because no one knows what art is. All you can teach, he says, is technique – and leave their minds alone. And he contends that he now paints with an attitude he enjoyed before attending Art College. Music is also a great influence, he plays harp, guitar and sings. The musician appears often in his works. . . . more information
There is a quiet strength about Gian Piero Garizio and his art that immediately arrests the attention. Behind the unruffled facade of the man and his art, there is an urgency and an untapped reservoir of inner calm. . . . more information
It is hard to define Gundry’s diverse style of painting. The artist presents various style in art that would at first appear to be done by different artists. A very imaginative and talented artist indeed. . . . more information
James Meldrums paintings were first shown in London, then at Kozminsky galleries in Melbourne 1953. His large, colourful, surrealistic canvases depicting non functional furniture have appeared in many exhibitions and won him the 1971 Sulman Prize. He held about 30 solo exhibitions 1951 – 2006 including in London, Sydney and Melbourne. Widely traveled, his commissions included a number of mural commissions for architectural firms in Melbourne and Brisbane. . . . more information
MISSION STATEMENT: I am by instinct a realist artist whose driving force is to sing the praises of the Natural World and draw the viewer into the picture that viewer may share with the artist both the emotional and aesthetic experience involved. I enjoy as a viewer myself an eclectic taste in all visual art provided the artist knows his business in the pursuit of excellence, which is surely the bottom line of all creative effort. . . . more information
Surrealism, Fantasy Art, Magic Realism, Photographic Realism, Art Deco and Art Nouveau are all art movements that have been linked to Gill's work. . . . more information
English born Jill Dixon is a practised sculptor who studied in Spain under Pedro Escalona & Chara Garci. She lives in the hinterland of Queensland Australia where she has her studio. Her work is very distinctive. Born of lifelong association with the arts, with innumable awards and solo exhibitions to her credit in Europe and Australia. Jill's sculptures can be found in many private collections and a significant number of regional galleries, both in Australia and Europe. . . . more information
Brisbane artist John Worth grew up in the central goldfields town of Meekatharra in Western Australia. He has been working as an artist for over four decades establishing himself as a sculptor prior to a major creative shift to painting in recent years. . . . more information
Born in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Jos (christened Jozef Wilhelmus Henrikus Cornelis) was the youngest of 5 children. Despite early leanings towards a variety of vocations including industrial chemistry, architecture and even a brief desire to become a monk - art was his calling. Jos simply could not stay away from it. He took serious art studies from age 10; painting his first oil at 12. A student of the Dutch Kunstnijverdheids School in the 1960s, Jos continued studies during the 1970s and 80s under the tutelage of Holland’s greatest living traditional artist, Cornelis le Mair. This collaboration ultimately led to Jos receiving the prestigious Diploma of Master Artist Life from the Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, in Belgium, in 1989. . . . more information
Beautiful paintings inspired from the home country of the artist; SPAIN. Jose Andres has exhibited in Spain, Portugal, France and Italy and is becoming renowned Internationally. . . . more information
Kaya Sulc was born in the Czech Republic and moved to Australia in 1951. From 1960-1963 he studied at The National Art School in Sydney. He currently lives and works in Cooroy, Queensland. His signature copper sculptures and vibrant paintings exhibit a facination with the human form. Sulc has been the recipient of many awards and is represented in private collections in Australia, Japan, Canada, Singapore, Germany, New Zealand and Switzerland. . . . more information
Wilhelmina (fondly called Lissy)was born in Eindhoven, The Netherlands in 1967, the eldest daughter of International world renowned artist Jos Kivits. Wilhelmina grew up in New Zealand in the 70's and early 80's. As a child she frequently observed her father working at his easel, mentally absorbing her fathers techniques and style of painting. It wasn't until she reached her late 30's that she started applying her innate & inherited skills and putting them into practice, and discovered the love of painting for herself. . . . more information
Song Lin was born in Beijing China in 1960. He was a designer of stage art work between 1977 - 1984 and was awarded best artist design by the Chinese Art Society........ 1985 - 1989: Arts Editor, Central for Childrens Development CHINA, Education, Science & Culture Organisation of the United Nations..... 1990: Worked in Hejobun Art, Auckland NEW ZEALAND..... 1998 - 1999: Participated in Asia Pacific Watercolour exhibition at Taipei Country Cultural Centre and Chung - Cheng Gallery in Taiwan. Awarded 1st and 3rd prizes at Auckland NEW ZEALAND Royal Easter Show.......YEAR 2000: moved to the Gold Coast AUSTRALIA....... 2007: Awarded 3rd prize for Annual Open Art Competition at Royal Queensland Art Society on the Gold Coast in Australia.... 2009: Solo Exhibition at Xu Hui Gallery in Shanghai CHINA. . . . more information
Mal has been awarded 32 prizes for his work in New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia, including the Gold Coast City Art Prize on three occasions. His work is represented in collections in 18 countries and in Australia his works are represented in the public collections of the likes of Parliament House, Canberra and Brisbane, Artbank, Brisbane City, Bond University, Griffith University and the Commonwealth Club in Canberra. In corporate collections he has works in the Commonwealth bank, Qantas, OTC, CRA, AMP, Suncorp, Bond University, Radisson Resorts, Rydges Hotels, Ernst and Young, Brothers Neilsen, Conrad Jupiters, Warner Brothers, Bird-Cameron and Morris International. . . . more information
Maxwell Wilks …powerful slicing strikes of pastel, brilliant colour and energised movement, and alive gestural rendering of oil scenes typify his imaginative solutions to breathing new sensibilities into traditional representation. . . . more information
Born in Sunderland, North England, in 1939. Michael is one of Australia?s most original and inspiring artists. He is a glorious painter, superb draughtsman and stimulating teacher. His achievements are numerous. He has won every major art prize down the east coast of Australia. . . . more information
Born in Detroit Michigan, Pat has lived in New Zealand, London, South Africa, Japan and is now a citizen of Australia having lived here since 2000. She began her artistic career while living in Johannesburg over 20 years ago. She was then influenced by the German Expressionist movement and conducted a sell out solo exhibition after 2 intensive years of work and study. Since then she has continued to craft her Art in many different media including most recently, Photography. . . . more information
Born in Brisbane 1950, Paul attended the Brisbane College of Art and worked in the fashion industry for ten years before becoming a full-time artist in 1980. His work is represented in numerous private and corporate collections in Australia as well as the USA, Canada, Argentina, South Africa, UK, France, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan. . . . more information
...i consider myself a watcher, a viewer... my work is the transportation for my escape... my work is a process of filtration... sifting memories, the other,lyrics, terrain and contemporary issues... all unbound and passed through my eyes, ears and internal dialogue... in mediums that are chosen in part through automation and in part through exploration of materials...studio based research… a belief in nothing really is rational, but it makes sense to the author... as a keen purveyor of the heritage of mark making, my work evolves and revolves around practise based research...my compulsion is to form...regardless and oblivious to the contemporary fashion of conformity... consumption can only be for the interpretation of the viewer... with a distaste for current popular repetition.... i can only forge on... joyous for given the delight to escape this mind and this time, through expression... hoist that rag... my work had been viewed in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and New York. Having recently graduated with Bachelor of Visual Arts from S.C.U, the future for my work to seen, in a new light, is exciting. Exploring mixed media and considering contextual ideas, ideally a discourse between the work and the viewer is applicable. . . . more information
Ritva Voutila was born in 1946 in Nokia, Finland. She spent her first twenty-two years in Finland, and came to Australia for the first time in 1968. After two and a half years working in Sydney she returned to Europe, and spend the next ten years in Canary Islands, Spain. She moved to Australia permanently in 1981. Before becoming a full time artist in 1983, she has worked as a garden designer, computer programmer/analyst and computer sales representative. The fine artist - Ritva first studied art at the School of Art and Design in Helsinki. In Sydney, she studied art at the Paddington Art School and the Julian Ashton School of Fine Arts. She has participated in a number of group exhibitions in Australia. Her first solo exhibition in 2003 at Gallery Lane, Leura, was a sell-out success. . . . more information
Robert Wade is a signature Member of the Australian Watercolour Institute and the American Watercolour Society. Born in Melbourne, Australia, 1930, the distinguished Australian artist, Robert A. Wade, has gained International acclaim. He has exhibited with most of the major Watercolour Societies in the World and won important awards in many countries. His work has received 12 major overseas awards, in England, France and USA, plus 93 awards in Australia. . . . more information
George Melikidze was born in Tbilisi Georgia in 1956; he studied at the Tbilisi Georgian Academy of Art and graduated with an Excellence Diploma in 1985. He has participated in numerous exhibitions, including a private exhibition in Paris in 1992, in 1996 and 1997 in the Central House of Arts in Moscow, in 1998-1999 exhibition "Golden brush" in Moscow and he also did work in Turkey. He inspires through his paintings an idyllic dream of happiness and "love, kindness and beauty". He is a multi - talented artist in every aspect. . . . more information
Werner was born in Austria in 1943 and migrated to Australia in 1950. His love for this country is imbued in his superb style of crisp and refreshing paintings. He is mainly self taught, previously working full time in his father's hairdressing salon; he found the demand for his paintings increased to the extent that he chose to turn professional. A dedicated traditionalist artist, painting mainly in oils After initially specialising in rural and coastal scenes, Werner has broadened his choice of subject to include figures. His distinct unique style is always popular with art collectors and many overseas visitors and as a result; paintings adorn the walls of homes in many countries. The demand for traditional art has not diminished and is evident in the great success of Werner's many exhibitions in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. . . . more information
Wolfgang Laemmle was born in Germany in 1941. He is well know in Europe as "Painter of the Light". This celebrated and highly acclaimed artist now shares the romantic, yet demanding visions of the evolution that is Australia by moving from France and Germany to Australia. In his long and distinguished career Wolfgang has published 6 books, tutored several emerging artists and was seen overseas in many television shows about Art and his existing life. . . . more information
Woven Art from Africa. . . . more information

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